Built for the athletes who participate in the tactical and big game paintball scene. Includes $0 deductible, $25,000 paintball injury insurance by Spot. The insurance policy covers injuries anytime you are playing paintball at a licensed paintball facility in a non-competition setting*. As with all MLPB memberships, you’ll unlock instant access to discounts from some of the top brands in the industry, along with a free month of GoSports webcast subscription.

*Player insurance does not cover injuries sustained in tournaments and competition. For comprehensive coverage including tournaments and competitions, please see our Tournament+ membership option.

*Includes over $100+ in additional member benefits*

Included with Player Membership:

  • $25,000 paintball injury, $0 deductible insurance by Spot
  • BKI - $19.99 (30 days free)
  • GoSports - $12.00 (30 days free)
  • NXL - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Lone Wolf - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Infamous Paintball - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Virtue - $25.00 (Discount Code)
  • Anthrax - $15 Off $100+ Purchase
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Access to exclusive merchandise releases

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