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New League Information:

PBLI is the most experienced, most trusted provider of paintball tournament registration services.

Our system is the most advanced, feature-rich software package for paintball tournament operations, designed and built by experienced event promoters, and used by 10's of thousands of players a year worldwide.

The Best System Deserves the Best Support!

PBLI offers league promoters 24/7 live customer support by the same software and paintball tournament experts who designed and work on the system every day. When you need expert tournament help or a custom software change, you don't want to talk to a receptionist - and we don't have one.

The PBLI Tournament System does much more than classify players.

Are you:

  • Spending hours doing the schedule for your events?
  • Wanting to email all of your players, but don't have an email list?
  • Tired of trying to read handwriting on waivers?
  • Unable to tell if rosters are legal, and thus unable to respond to player complaints about sandbagging?
  • Spending hours answering the phone to process entry fees, or respond to teams who want to know if you got their check?
  • Unable to accept online payments, allowing your teams to pay anytime, from anywhere?
  • Losing money because you have to accept checks close to the event date that bounce when you deposit them?
  • At risk of legal damages because you are unable to tell if all your players have signed waivers?

The PBLI Tournament System is the complete, integrated tool that solves these and many more problems for the Tournament Promoter.

What does the PBLI Registration System do for you?

  • Classify your players, based on participation in ALL leagues using the APPA system
  • Automatically check each player's classification against over 240,000 participation records
  • Set your own classification rules for your league
  • Let players see the rosters of all teams playing your event online
  • Automatically verify that team rosters meet classification rules
  • Allow teams to sign up and complete their rosters online
  • Accept payment online 24 hours a day, by credit card or eCheck, through PayPal, Google Checkout, or Authorize.net
  • Provides receipts to your customers online
  • Automatically notify teams the instant their payment is received
  • Schedule your event, flexibly, with no byes, for any number of teams, fields, divisions, or days, in seconds
  • Print a schedule of games for each team, and let teams look up their games online as soon as the event is scheduled
  • Preprint team waivers with your waiver language and each player's Name, Address, Phone and other information - players just sign
  • Preprint numbered scoresheets with each team's name
  • Electronically process, verify, and display scores, at your event and on the internet, instantly
  • Reclassify or Suspend players, and automatically track and enforce those changes
  • Automatically compute, track and publish season standings
  • Automatically use season standings to seed teams into events
  • Collect, track and process player information like email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses
  • Automatically Export your player email list into Constant Contact
  • Automatically increase entry fees as the event date approaches
  • Print event passes including player name, ID number, team name, and any other information
  • Accept payment for and track ID cards that you print with APPA's one-click print process (save up to THOUSANDS on ID Card Printing software!)
  • Accept payment for, track, and receive ID cards printed by APPA (small fee for each card printed)
  • Protect your player information - only you can see private information (email, phone, etc) for your players.
  • Download a complete copy of your player data, anytime!

From player signup to scheduling to automated series point tracking, the PBLI system automates all of the mundane tasks facing the tournament promoter, saving you massive amounts of time and preventing potentially devastating human errors in the sheduling and scoring process.

The Best System for PAINTBALL

There are plenty of other registration systems out there, for camping, or youth soccer, or conventions, but the PBLI system is the only paintball tournament registration system designed from the ground-up as a paintball tournament system! A youth soccer league system can't tell the difference between a Rookie or a Pro paintball player, and it doesn't have over 800,000 player records to draw from. Don't let someone tell you you need a youth soccer program when you're running a paintball tournament!

Best Advertising Platform - #1 Google Search Result for Paintball Tournaments

PBLi is the #1 result on Google for "paintball tournaments", and #2 (after NXL) for "paintball tournament". When players search for paintball tournaments, they find us, and our main page shows the events near them so they find you.

Get Access to Paintball Tournament Promotion Experience

PBLI staff have years of tournament promotions experience, from 6-team local events to the largest paintball tournament on the planet, World Cup. Whether your event has 5 teams or 250, you know that PBLI has been there and done that, and we're happy to share our experience with you! Want help updating your classification rules? Not sure how many fields you need for the number of teams you have? PBLI has answers to those questions and more!

Your data is important, don't lose it, protect it!

PBLI is designed to help you collect and maintain your data. You can download a copy of your data at any time, and all PBLI data is protected by a comprehensive data backup plan including daily backups to off-site servers. Your data is important, and PBLI makes sure you have it whenever you want it!

We understand leagues promoters don't want to give their data to competitors, and the PBLI system is designed to keep your data secure. Player contact information is kept private, and player classification information is shared only with leagues that share their classification information with you.

What does it cost?

If you would prefer to include the costs of the system in entry fees, or wish to have your own league membership program, PBLI also offers per-roster registration fees. Starting with the 2018 Season, PBLI is offering a 20% discount to leagues that enter their games scores in the system and pay their event invoice within 7 days of the end of an event.

Roster fees: (Price in Parenthesis includes 20% on-time payment discount)

  • RaceTo-1/2 or Traditional 3v3 team: $15 per team per event ($12)
  • RaceTo-3 3v3 team: $20 per team per event ($16)
  • RaceTo-2 or Traditional 5v5 team: $25 per team per event ($20)
  • RaceTo-3 or 7v7 team: $35 per team per event ($28)
  • RaceTo/Mercy-4/5/7 XBall team: $45 per team per event ($36)
  • 10v10 team: $50 per team per event ($40)

Mercy format is the same price as RaceTo, although we strongly recommend the RaceTo format as the more efficient format for promoters.

Fees include all of the PBLI Tournament System features. PBLI software can be used with your ID card printer to print ID cards for free (no expensive ID printing software required) or PBLI can print ID Cards for you for a small fee. You will need some form of an internet connection at the event location to do computerized scoring, but a phone hot-spot is sufficient. The only other software you will need is Adobe Reader, available as a free download for any computer.

To insure best allocation of our resources, a $100 deposit is required for any league that requires setup of custom classification rules. The entire deposit becomes a credit against future registration fees and thus reduces future billing by an equal amount. Deposits may be paid via paypal to paypal@paintball-players.org, or by check to:

530 E South Ave
Chippewa Falls WI 54729

There is no deposit required for leagues using standard classification rules.

How does it work?

  • Link your website to your league's signup page on PBLI. Example Page for Paintball Sports Promotions
  • Players sign up for ID numbers - Your league is given a link for players to sign up for an ID number. This link is unique to your league, and marks all players that sign up through it as affiliated with your league. The system makes sure players only have one ID number, through a set of automated checks plus frequent manual audits.
  • A player signs up for your event - You receive a link that links directly to the signup page for your tournaments. Clicking on this link brings players to a list of your future events. They select an event and log in their team (or create a team if they do not have one.) Once logged in, they select the division they want to play, and can complete their rosters. Once they submit this form, the team is added to the team list for the event, where their payment status and roster are visible.
  • Teams update their rosters - At anytime before the registration close date, teams may log into their roster and change it.
  • Teams pay online - By going to the team list, teams can check their payment status, and if not paid, click on the payment button to pay online with a credit card or eCheck through PayPal (easy setup for anyone) or Authorize.net (slightly lower fees).
  • Schedule Your Event - You use the league interface menu to do your event schedule, print waivers and scoresheets, and enter completed scoresheets online!

How do I get started?

To get started with the PBLI system, please email (info@pbleagues.com) us the following:
  • League Name you would like your league listed under (Example: National Collegiate Paintball Association)
  • An abbreviated league name (approx. 3-6 characters, example: NCPA)
  • Your league's website address
  • PBLi Contact Name (Who PBLi should contact)
  • PBLi Contact Phone Number (Private - for communication from PBLi only)
  • PBLi Contact Email Address (Private - for communication PBLi only)
  • Team/Player Contact Name (Who Teams/Players should contact)
  • Team/Player Contact Email Address (Public - for communication from Teams/Players)
  • League Mailing Address (Private - for communication from PBLi only)
  • If you are not using standard NXL formats and roster sizes (8-player RaceTo-2/5-man rosters; 12-player RaceTo-4/5/7 rosters), a copy of your league's roster size rules.
  • Optionally, date, location, and pricing of upcoming events, or you can add them when you receive your login.
  • Your preferred means of accepting online payments.

If you wish to use Paypal to process online payments, you will need to do the following:

  • Ensure that you have a Business PayPal account. Personal accounts have too low of a monthly transaction limit and can't send payment notifications to us.
  • Log into your paypal account.
  • Click the profile name in the upper right corner, then select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Next:
    • Under Business Profile in the left menu, click Notifications.
    • In the main page, to the right of Instant payment notifications click the Update link.
    • Edit the settings so that Notification URL is https://pbleagues.com/cgi-bin/IPN.cgi and Message delivery is Enabled.

Although we often list new leagues in under 24 hours, please allow up to one week for your league to be listed, especially if you would like different classification rules for your league. Once your league is listed, however, you can add new events to your calendar at any time, instantly, through the league interface menu!

ID Card Printing - Supported Equipment

Before considering ID card printing equipment, first consider whether you need ID cards at all. If you run a league where you know most of your players and can check questionable players identification by relying on government issued ID, you should do so, as printing ID cards adds an expense to operating your league. Charging for ID cards alone does not make the expense worth it - instead of charging $20 for an ID card it costs you $10 in materials and labor to print (and a line the morning of each event of people trying to pick up cards) you could just put that $10/player into the entry fees, get the same revenue, and save your players $10. However, if you feel you have a logistical reason to require ID cards (lots of players from outside the local area who you may not know, or to control access to player-only areas, etc) then PBLI provides support for issuing ID cards included in the price of using the system.

PBLI's ID card printing process has recently been simplified. You no longer need separate ID card printing software to print cards, just free Adobe Reader software downloadable from adobe.com.

While you can use any ID card printer to print your cards, we use and support the Fargo DTC 1250e printer, so if you buy that printer, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions on using it. You can acquire the printer at ID Zone, which is by far the least expensive place we have found to get ID card printers and supplies. You can also save money buying the supplies via their eBay store for free shipping. Make sure you get a cleaning kit with your printer. The entire setup will cost you about $1,200 if you provide your own computer (any Windows PC with a USB port will do).

Note that ID card printers are FRAGILE. Actually, the printers themselves are fairly sturdy, but the print heads are sensitive to dust and dirt and you can end up with vertical white lines on ALL of your cards if dust or dirt runs over the print head and knocks out a pixel. So make sure you keep your printer clean, and ideally, only use it indoors in a clean environment.

Our system uses a standardized template for ID cards. If you would like to use your own template, there is a one-time $50 fee to integrate it into our system.

If you would like us to print cards for you, we can do so for $8/card. (That means you break-even doing it yourself at 150 cards.) Note that this means you will not be able to issue cards to players unless they complete the online process by the Tuesday preceding the event (cards ship Wednesday next-day for Thursday arrival with a day of leeway if the shipping company messes up.) Note also that if you do have your own equipment, you can offset some of the expense by charging $10 more for cards printed on-site and $10 for reprints, which you will not be able to charge for if you can't print your own cards.

Short version: Don't issue ID cards unless you have a good reason to, and if you do decide to issue cards, make sure you can print them yourself.