International Competitor

Built for the athlete ready to compete on paintball’s biggest stage. The Major League Paintball International Tournament Membership includes the competition license for entry into international MLPB sanctioned events (NXL Europe). As with all MLPB memberships, you’ll unlock instant access to discounts from some of the top brands in the industry, along with a free month of GoSports webcast subscription.

*Includes over $100+ in additional member benefits*

Included with International Competitor Membership:

  • MLPB International Competition License (NXL Europe*)
  • BKI - $19.99 (30 days free)
  • GoSports - $12.00 (30 days free)
  • NXL - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Lone Wolf - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Infamous Paintball - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • - $10.00 (Gift Card)
  • Virtue - $25.00 (Discount Code)
  • Anthrax - $15 Off $100+ Purchase
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Access to exclusive merchandise releases
*MLPB International competition licenses are valid for competition in NXL, WNXL, & ICPL for non-US citizens. Proof of non-US citizenship required.

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