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If you have questions concerning player reclassification, entry fees for a specific event, refund information for roster fees -or- player ID Cards, please contact the league below

Information for Leagues:

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Participant Contact Information:

Before contacting us, see if you have one of the common issues below:

Lost ID Number

If you have forgotten your ID number, first try to look it up using this form.
If the form is not working for you, email your FULL NAME and your BIRTHDATE to You will receive a reply by email.


If you are emailing to get a password, include the full name, birthdate, and ID number. If you don't include this, we will just email back asking for it.

ID Card Issues:

  • ID Card Not Received: ID Cards are NOT MAILED. You must pick them up at the event you are going to play. You will be REQUIRED to present government-issued photo ID to pick up your ID card. (Limited exceptions for players under 17 years of age, see the ID card section of your profile for a complete list.)
  • Photo Not Approved: Photos must be suitable for printing an ID card photo. That means you need to be looking straight at the camera, your ENTIRE face must be visible (No masks, sunglasses, etc), your face must be well-lit (not in a shadow or washed out by light behind you), and the photo must be large enough (enough pixels for your face to print and be identifiable.)
    You will receive an e-mail when we approve (or deny) your profile photo. If you did not receive this e-mail, either your e-mail provider has sent it to your bulk mail folder or you do no thave your current e-mail address on your player profile photo.
  • Photo Not Displaying: Your photo will not display if:
    • You have recently uploaded it and it has not yet been approved. The approval process usually takes a day but may take longer.
    • You are not 13. Photos of players under 13 are not displayed.
    • Your photo was not approved. You should see a message stating this fact.
  • New photo uploaded, old photo displaying: Your web browser is caching your old photo and not displaying the new one, even though we have it on our server. Right click on the photo, then select "Open in New Window" (or similar). Once the photo is open in a window by itself, reload that page and your new photo should be visible.

Changing Player or Team Information

You can update most player and team information INCLUDING YOUR TEAM NAME, by logging into your profile:
Team Profiles
Player Profiles

You can not, however, change a player's first name, last name, or birth date. You will need to email us if you need those changes.

Team Signed Up for Wrong Division

If you need to change your team's division for an event, simply log into the team roster and change it. If you have already paid your entry fee, you'll need to email the league you are playing to have them change your division - we can not do it once you have paid. (Only the league can accomodate any price differences.)

Classification Issues

  • Reclassification: DO NOT CONTACT APPA REGARDING PLAYER RECLASSIFICATION! APPA *WILL NOT* reclassify you for ANY REASON. The *ONLY* way to be reclassified is to contact the league you want to be reclassified for. *NO ONE* other than the promoter of the event you want to play is able to reclassify you.
  • Incorrect Classification: If you think your classification is not correct, make sure that:
    • DO NOT CONTACT US IF YOUR EVENT HISTORY IS INCORRECT (Except for PSP Events). If APPA says that you were on a roster for an event, and you were not, or the event did not take place, you need to contact that league and have them inform us that you were not on the roster. We do not have the paper records to verify attendance for all leagues.
    • You have read the classification rules. If you have not read the rules, you do not know whether your classification is correct or not. *ONLY* the classification rules matter; not what "someone told you" or "you heard".
    • Make sure you have read the CORRECT classification rules. Classification rules for each league are different. So if your classification for one league says you are Amateur, this DOES NOT MEAN that your classification for another league is Amateur.
    • Make sure you actually know what the system is classifying you as for the event you want to play. The only way to know this for sure is to get added to the roster you want to be on. Your classification for the next event may not be the same as the classification for the last event you played.
    • If, after reading the classication rules for the event you are going to be playing, and making sure you now what your current classification is, you still think your classification is not correct, email us. When you email us, include your name, birthdate, ID number, *AND* the event you are concerned about.

Not Receiving E-Mails

We strive to respond to all e-mail messages within 24 hours. If you do not receive a response to a message that you sent, or did not immediately receive your ID number from us, please check the following:
  • Make sure the e-mail in your player profile is up to date.
  • Add '' to your address book to ensure delivery.
  • If you are sending an e-mail request during a large national event (any Paintball Sports Promotions event), we are likely on-site for that event and won't be checking e-mail as actively. Please be patient during PSP events.

PBLi Contact Info:

For EVENT RELATED questions, like pricing, refunds, rules, schedules, locations, paint, etc, please contact the event promoter using the contact email address provided on the event information page. We only handle the online registration process for events and are unable to assist you with event-related questions.

For questions related to online registration, you may contact us at

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