NXL World Cup 2019


Most Recent Scores

Scores by Division:

Pro X-Ball™

Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Division 2 X-Ball™

Division 3 X-Ball™

Division 4 X-Ball™

Championship Division 3 X-Ball™ Lite

Championship Division 4 X-Ball™ Lite

Mounds Open 10-man

Open 10-man

Amateur 10-man

Pump Open 5-man

Mounds Open 5-man

Division 3 5-man

Division 4 5-man

Championship Division 4/5 5-man

Division 5 5-man

Classic (Adv) 5-man

Open 3-man

Open 3-man

Amateur (D2) 3-man

Division 5 3-man

Scores By Round:

X-Ball™, Prelims
X-Ball™, Top 24/32
X-Ball™, Ocho-Finals
X-Ball™, Quarter-Finals
X-Ball™, Semi-Finals
X-Ball™, Finals

X-Ball™ Lite, Prelims
X-Ball™ Lite, Finals

10-man, Prelims
10-man, Ocho-Finals
10-man, Quarter-Finals
10-man, Semi-Finals
10-man, Finals

5-man, Prelims
5-man, Top 24/32
5-man, Ocho-Finals
5-man, Quarter-Finals
5-man, Semi-Finals
5-man, Finals

3-man, Prelims
3-man, Top 24/32
3-man, Ocho-Finals
3-man, Quarter-Finals
3-man, Semi-Finals
3-man, Finals

Scores By Division and Round:

Prelims, Pro X-Ball™

Prelims, Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Prelims, Division 2 X-Ball™

Prelims, Division 3 X-Ball™

Prelims, Division 4 X-Ball™

Top 24/32, Division 3 X-Ball™

Top 24/32, Division 4 X-Ball™

Ocho-Finals, Pro X-Ball™

Ocho-Finals, Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Ocho-Finals, Division 2 X-Ball™

Ocho-Finals, Division 3 X-Ball™

Ocho-Finals, Division 4 X-Ball™

Quarter-Finals, Pro X-Ball™

Quarter-Finals, Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Quarter-Finals, Division 2 X-Ball™

Quarter-Finals, Division 3 X-Ball™

Quarter-Finals, Division 4 X-Ball™

Semi-Finals, Pro X-Ball™

Semi-Finals, Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Semi-Finals, Division 2 X-Ball™

Semi-Finals, Division 3 X-Ball™

Semi-Finals, Division 4 X-Ball™

Finals, Pro X-Ball™

Finals, Semi-Pro X-Ball™

Finals, Division 2 X-Ball™

Finals, Division 3 X-Ball™

Finals, Division 4 X-Ball™

Prelims, Championship Division 3 X-Ball™ Lite

Prelims, Championship Division 4 X-Ball™ Lite

Finals, Championship Division 3 X-Ball™ Lite

Finals, Championship Division 4 X-Ball™ Lite

Prelims, Mounds Open 10-man

Prelims, Open 10-man

Prelims, Amateur 10-man

Ocho-Finals, Amateur 10-man

Quarter-Finals, Mounds Open 10-man

Quarter-Finals, Amateur 10-man

Semi-Finals, Open 10-man

Semi-Finals, Mounds Open 10-man

Semi-Finals, Amateur 10-man

Finals, Open 10-man

Finals, Mounds Open 10-man

Finals, Amateur 10-man

Prelims, Pump Open 5-man

Prelims, Mounds Open 5-man

Prelims, Division 3 5-man

Prelims, Division 4 5-man

Prelims, Championship Division 4/5 5-man

Prelims, Division 5 5-man

Prelims, Classic (Adv) 5-man

Top 24/32, Division 4 5-man

Top 24/32, Division 5 5-man

Ocho-Finals, Mounds Open 5-man

Ocho-Finals, Division 3 5-man

Ocho-Finals, Division 4 5-man

Ocho-Finals, Division 5 5-man

Quarter-Finals, Mounds Open 5-man

Quarter-Finals, Division 3 5-man

Quarter-Finals, Division 4 5-man

Quarter-Finals, Division 5 5-man

Semi-Finals, Mounds Open 5-man

Semi-Finals, Division 3 5-man

Semi-Finals, Division 4 5-man

Semi-Finals, Division 5 5-man

Semi-Finals, Classic (Adv) 5-man

Finals, Mounds Open 5-man

Finals, Division 3 5-man

Finals, Division 4 5-man

Finals, Championship Division 4/5 5-man

Finals, Division 5 5-man

Finals, Classic (Adv) 5-man

Prelims, Open 3-man

Prelims, Open 3-man

Prelims, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Prelims, Division 5 3-man

Top 24/32, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Top 24/32, Division 5 3-man

Ocho-Finals, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Ocho-Finals, Division 5 3-man

Quarter-Finals, Open 3-man

Quarter-Finals, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Quarter-Finals, Division 5 3-man

Semi-Finals, Open 3-man

Semi-Finals, Open 3-man

Semi-Finals, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Semi-Finals, Division 5 3-man

Finals, Open 3-man

Finals, Open 3-man

Finals, Amateur (D2) 3-man

Finals, Division 5 3-man

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