PSP Registration FAQ

How to register for and sign in at PSP Events

Player/Staff/Pit Crew Checklist

Each player/staff member/pit crew member should:

  1. Get a PSP Player ID number by filling out this form.
  2. Get an ID card. NEW ID cards are required for 2006. You can wait in line at the event and get an ID card for $40 or Log into your profile using your player ID number and password, upload a photo if you have not already, and get one for $30. Make sure your birthday and name are correct AND MATCH your government ID if you're purchasing a card online. Online card purchases must be received prior to the registration deadline for an event. Help
  3. Pick up your ID card at the event. You will receive your ID card when you sign the team waiver at the next PSP event. You must bring government-issued photo identification to the event to pick up your ID card.Help

More Help Purchasing ID Cards Information

Team Checklist

Each team owner/captain should:

  1. Get Full Player ID numbers from all of your players and staff. If they don't have numbers, have them follow the Player Checklist.
  2. Register your team for the event.
  3. If you did not enter all of your player and staff ID numbers when you registered your team, add them prior to the registration deadline by clicking on "roster" next to your team name here. Changes after the registration deadline can only be made at the event and will cost $20 per change.
  4. Pay your entry fee by clicking on the "Pay Entry" button next to your team's name here. Remember that the earlier you register, the lower your entry fee. Your spot in the tournament is *NOT* guaranteed until your entry fee is paid.

At the event:

  • ALL PLAYERS WILL NEED PHOTO ID, WHETHER YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ID CARD OR NOT. (Players 16 and under may use alternate ID like school ID or birth certificate).
  • Everyone will get a player pass. All of your players and staff are required to have both their PASS AND PSP PHOTO ID with them at ALL times.
  • There will be two lines: lines A and B:
    • Line A: Photo ID Line Players and Staff who need to purchase ID cards, correct information on their cards or purchase a replacement.
      Wait through this line before getting in line B.

      • You have not purchased an ID card in advance, or your player information is incorrect. ID cards purchased at the event cost $40.
      • Corrections of your information if you already have an ID card are free.
      • Replacement cards are $10.

    • Line B: Team Line Teams should enter this line for the following:

      • To pick up ID cards paid for in advance.
        NOTE: By the time you get in this line everyone should either already have a PSP ID or have purchased one online to pick up at check-in.
      • To have all your players and staff sign your waiver and get your passes and schedules.
      • You need to add or drop players or staff to your roster.
      Note: There is a $20 fee for each player or staff member added to your roster at the event, so please make sure to complete your roster online prior to the event registration deadline.

More Detailed information for Players:

  1. Do you have a player ID number?
    • If you are sure you don't have an ID number, go here or here if the first link didn't work.
    • SAVE your player ID number. You will need it again. Your number is good forever. You do not need a new number every year.
    • If you try to register and it says you are already in the system, DO NOT try to register again. Instead, go here to have your ID number emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within 60 minutes, email with your full name and birthdate and we will look up your ID number for you.
  2. Do you know your player ID number?
    • If No and you were ON a PSP online roster, ask whoever registered you if they have your number.
    • If No and you were NOT ON a roster OR no one knows your number, go here to have your ID number emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within 60 minutes, email with your full name and birthdate and we will look up your ID number for you.
  3. Do you know how to log into your player profile?
    • If No, go here.
    • If Yes and you don't know your player password, email with your full name, birthday and whatever information you can remember entering when you registered.
  4. Are your birthday and name correct AND DO THEY MATCH your government ID?
    • Keep in mind, your name must match what is on your government ID(driver's license, birth certificate, passport etc.). No nicknames, English versions of your name(e.g. Kevin if your license says Wo-Ping, Tony but your license says Anthony)
    • If Yes, go to step 5.
    • If No email with your full name, birthday.
  5. Upload a photo to your profile. Follow the instructions on your profile page. Again there are instructions for that as well. Your photo must be suitable for an ID card photo or it will not be approved.
  6. Once your photo has been approved, purchase your ID by clicking on the Buy Now button at your profile page. You may pay by credit card or Paypal E-Check. Remember that ID cards must be purchased BEFORE registration for an event closes to have your ID available at that event.
  7. Once you have purchased your card, it will be available at the next PSP event for pickup, if you purchased it before registration for that event closed. Pickup your PSP Photo ID in Line B when you sign the team waiver - you do NOT have to wait in the ID card line (Line A) to pick up your ID.
  8. You NEED one of the following to pick up your ID card:
    • Drivers License
    • Passport
    • UNDER 16: Birth Certificate + Student Photo ID
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