NXL Online Vendor and Photographer Registration

All persons requiring a vendor or photographer pass much complete the online registration process by your provided deadline.

Completion of this process is REQUIRED to receive vendor (NXL Vendor Contracts Only) or photographer credential to access the player pit areas. There is a $50 per person late fee for applications not completed online by the deadline.

For 2018, the final registration deadlines are the Friday evening before the event begins (one week out) at 11:59 PM Eastern. Changes to your attendees list may be made through the Sunday before the event begins at 11:59 PM Eastern. Changes made after this deadline will incur a $20 per person fee.

Proceed to Vendor and Photographer Registration:


NXL Europe


  1. Proceed to the Vendor and Photographer Registration Page and log in to your personal APPA account (the same one you use to register for tournaments). If you do not have an APPA account, sign up for one. If you have one but do not remember your login information, look up your APPA Login and Password.
  2. Select a company to register. If your company is not listed, create a new company.
  3. Select whether you are selling photos or not selling photos.
  4. Add the people who will be receiving passes to your company's list. Each person will need their own APPA account to be added to your list.
  5. Pay any pass or media ID badge fees.


Number of Passes: When you first register your company, you will receive a default number of passes. If your vendor or photography partner agreement provides more passes than currently allocated by the system, please contact Gary Baum (gary@nxlpaintball.com).

Change Attendees through Registration Deadline: You may add or remove people from your company's pass list anytime through the provided deadline. Add people by entering in their complete APPA ID Number in the box provided under "New Attendee" and selecting the type of pass they should receive. Alternatively, you may select anyone from the list of previous representatives of your company listed below the New Attendee box.

Payment of Photographer and Vendor Fees: You are not guaranteed passes until your company's fees are paid and your registration indicates a 'Paid' status. You may pay your fees by clicking the 'Credit' or 'eCheck' buttons. If you have already paid or the requested amount is not correct, please contact Gary Baum (gary@nxlpaintball.com).

Photographer ID Badge Fee: Each photographer / vendor attendee will be provided one ID badge for the current season. Replacement badges are $10. The attendee must upload a photo suitable for ID use prior to the registration deadline. There is a $20 late fee for photos uploaded after the registration deadline.

If you have any further questions, please contact Gary Baum (gary@nxlpaintball.com).

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