2011 Paintball Sports Promotions Registration Guide

Quick Registration Links

How do I register for PSP events?

  1. Register for Player ID Numbers - Each player should fill out this form to have a Player ID Number emailed to them. One person may collect all of the player information and fill out the form using their email address if necessary.
  2. Sign Up the Team - The person who will be in charge of the team should use their ID number to register the team. If your team has already played a PSP event, it is important that you use the same Team ID Number you used the last time you played (enter the Team ID Number and Password in the appropriate boxes). If you reregister your team for a NEW ID number instead of using your existing one, you will lose any ranking and seed points from your old team. If you have not played an event before, click on the link to register a new team.
  3. Pay your Team Entry Fee - Go to the team list for your event, scroll down to your team name, and click the payment button. Once your payment is accepted, "Payment Accepted" will be displayed. Remember that the number of spots in each division is limited, and your spot is only guaranteed if your payment is accepted!
  4. Complete your roster - Go to the team list for your event, and click on "Roster" next to your team name. Use your players' ID numbers to add them to your roster. You can change your roster anytime up to the online registration deadline, so even if you're not sure about your roster, make sure you PAY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to get your spot and update your roster later. If your roster is not complete by the online registration deadline, you will be assessed a fee of $20 per person to add someone to your roster after the deadline has passed. Completing your roster on-time makes check-in easier for everyone, so make sure you do so!
  5. Pay 2011 Player Registration Fee. Every player and staff member must pay the 2011 PSP Player Registration Fee. Click here for more information about paying the Player Registration Fee. Remember that you can save $10 by preregistering!

Player Classifications:

See the PSP rules at www.pspevents.com.

ID System Rules:

All players at least 17 years old must carry government-issued photo identification displaying their full name and birthdate. Players under the age of 17 must have one of the following:

  • Government-issued photo ID card with birthdate
  • Birth certificate AND photo school identification
  • Birth certificate AND a copy of the person's most recent yearbook with that person's photograph.
  • Photo School ID with birthdate
No other identification is acceptable under any circumstances.

Any player who attempts to defraud the APPA ID system will be suspended from the system for one year. Any player presenting fraudulent documents will be referred to law enforcement.

Any team playing with a player who does not appear on their roster will be ejected from the tournament and forfeit their entry fee and all games played.

Any player playing for a team who does not appear on that team's roster will be suspended from the APPA ID system for one year.

Any team playing with a player who can not establish their identity will be ejected from the tournament and forfiet their entry fee and all games played. All players appearing on the team's roster will be suspended from the APPA ID system for one year, or until the player in violation demostrates their identity, whichever occurs first.

No player suspended from the APPA ID system will be permitted to play Paintball Sports Promotions events.

Refund Policy

Entry Fees: Entry fees are fully refundable prior to the first registration deadline. Late fees are not refundable. After the first registration deadline, refunds will be subject to a refund fee equal to the current late fee for that team's classification. Entry fees are non-refundable once the online registration deadline has passed.

Player Registration Fees: Player registration fees paid online are refundable up to 10 days after payment, or up until the player participates in an event, or until the player is issued a player ID card, whichever comes first. Player registration fees paid at an event are non-refundable.

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